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Blue Jays’ Bautista talks free agency, future strategy

On the weekend, Jose Bautista talked about this past offseason, hindsight in free agency, and his excitement regarding the season ahead.

Devon Travis needs to be table setter in Blue Jays lineup

If the Toronto Blue Jays are going to build off of their postseason success they will need Devon Travis setting the tone on offence at the top of the order.

Sportsnet – Where DOES the Blue Jays rotation rank?

MLB insider Ben Nicholson-Smith weighs in on Marcus Stroman's claim that the Blue Jays have the best 5-man rotation in all of baseball. source 00

The reasons why Troy Tulowitzki is such a special player

An in-depth look at the many reasons that Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Troy Tulowitzki is such a special player on and off the field.

Comparing Kendrys Morales and Adam Lind

Morales's deal with the Blue Jays was worth more than 20x that of Lind's with the Nationals. But are they really that different?

Great ? from behind the scenes of our ? shoots today!

Great ? from behind the scenes of our ?

Pearce gives Blue Jays options in field

Steve Pearce has spent the last four seasons in the American League East, playing for the Orioles and Rays. So he saw a lot of the Blue Jays.

Blue Jays say rotation is in league of its own

The Blue Jays weren't quite sure what to make of their rotation going into last season. This season, the team believes it's one of the best in baseball.

Sportsnet – Stroman: Best rotation in baseball, hands down

Marcus Stroman says he'd argue day in and day out that the Blue Jays have the best rotation in baseball, also says he worked unbelievably hard this offseason on his body and all his pitches. source 00

2017 Blue Jay Spring Training Guide

New to spring training? Here's the basics.